It all started last year with Mostafa. He had been rock climbing at a local gym when he decided to do something about his angry forearms yelling at him. He wanted to continue climbing, but the strain on his arms was preventing him from continuing. His usual method of relief involved digging his thumbs and elbows into his arms. But, this would only relieve some of the tightness and tire out his hands even more. A night after Mostafa had been climbing, he came up with an idea for a simple tool. It needed to be small enough to fit in his hands. Something he could travel with and not wear out.  A shape that is versatile to target other muscle groups.

thePnut - Maple and Walnut. Lavender Essential Oil. Badger Wood Oil. Wood massage tool.

 The first prototype of The Pnut® was born when Mostafa used electrical tape to attach two golf balls together - simple and effective - but not quite the shape he was thinking of. A few days later after we came back to my house from rock climbing, and decided to have a rolling party. The Yoga Tune Up® balls were my favourite to use, yet they were too soft for what I was looking for. It was obvious I needed something else. In that moment Mostafa brought out his new tool and asked me if I wanted to use it... Umm, yeah! Anything to help release my cemented arms. Immediately I felt the relief I was looking for. My muscles were being released, almost like my arms were lighter, and I was regaining increased range of motion in my arm. I knew this Pnut and I would become rolling buddies.